Frames, Spectacle Lenses & Contacts


At John Lyne Opticians we stock a wide range of glasses and contact lenses.
We pride ourselves in giving you personal help with all aspects from choosing your frames and lenses, to helping you fit your contacts.

We cater to a variety of different budgets, from free glasses (with entitlement vouchers), to designer frames.
Here are just a few of the frame brands available:

  • Dior                                                                        
  • Gucci
  • D&G
  • Gant
  • Versace
  • Michael Kors
  • Ray Ban
  • Guess

Broken your glasses? We will try our best to get them repaired for you.

As an independent opticians we're not tied to any particular lens manufacturer, so you can be sure we'll help you choose the right brand for you. This means we select the lens which suits your frame choice in terms of appearance and price.
For varifocals we have three price bands and once we know your budget we will choose whichever lens will be the best choice.

Contact lenses
We can select from most of the major suppliers, including:

  • Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue)
  • Ciba Vision
  • Coopervision
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Sauflon.

Like spectacle lenses, we will select the best lens to suit your lifestyle requirements and budget.

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